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Beartooth Gun Products: Quick reviews

Since 1994, Beartooth has been producing high quality gun accessories. The accessories are ideal for shooting, hunting and camouflage purposes. The products are highly popular among individuals seeking comfort, concealment and in need of protection gun products. Beartooth products also produce gun products which help in gun fit. Some of their many gun products include:

1. Beartooth Semi-Auto Camo Kit – Max 4

This is one of their best selling products. The Semi-Auto Camo Kit – Max 4 is a best way of adding easier and quick camo. The manufacturer uses heavy duty 2.3mm neoprene to construct it and it therefore improves the shooting accuracy and comfort in addition to preventing unwanted dings, nicks to the gun finish. And, even though this product is easier to actually slide on and to take off, it has rubber backing which keeps it in place after the user has installed it.

If you are among the many individuals who value their weapons and you are very serious about concealment, the Camo Kit will help keep it protected and covered the whole day. The product is reusable, it is easier to put on and also to take off. To use it you don’t need tape, fasteners or adhesives.

2. Beartooth Rifle Gun Scope Neoprene Guard Cover – 30 cm/ MAX 4 Camo

You can use the Beartooth Rifle Gun Scope Neoprene Guard Cover – 30cm/ MAX 4 Camo from Beartooth – produced in the United States – to extend your scope’s life. The product eliminates any unnecessary wear and tear.

Beartooth uses heavy duty neoprene to make the Scope Cover Guns. The material is water resistant, shock absorbent and it is effective in preventing harmful debris and dirt from penetrating. To use this product, you will need to remove any other scope gun cover.

The Beartooth’s open ends allow usage in the field and therefore you shouldn’t expect the damages related to these places. For customization sizing, you only need to cut the cover so that it can fit your scope.

The product is available in several sizes including:

  • 30+ Fits Scopes with 30 to 37mm outer objective diameter, 247-318mm or 9.75” – 15” in length
  •  40+ Objective Fits Scopes with 38-48mm outer objective diameter; 247-381mm or 9.75”-15” in length.
  •  50+ Objective Fits Scope featuring 49-60 OUTER objective diameter; 247-431mm or 9.75” – 17” in length.

With the sizes, you will be able to select the most ideal for your rifle.

3. Beartooth Semi-Auto Camo Kit – Mossy Oak

This is one of Beartooth’s best selling products currently in the market and it is also a certain way of adding easier and instant camo. The manufacture uses heavy duty 2.3mm neoprene to make this product and it therefore effectively absorbs shock, improves the shooting accuracy and comfort in addition to preventing undesired nicks and dings on the gun finish. After installation, the kit remains in place due to the rubber backing. This kit keeps the user protected and covered throughout the day regardless of the time or the condition. It is also easier to just put on and to take off.

4. Beartooth Bear-Grip Camo Anti-Slip Tape

This is the first safety tape of its kind in the market. The manufacturer prints the Anti-Slip Tape with Patent Camouflage. You can apply the tape in any place where the footing is critical. It is basically a great way of adding traction and preventing accidents. It adheres to any surfaces including wood, concrete and metal regardless of whether they are dry or clean.